DeXA FRANKS. Artist. 


I earned my B.A. degree in Art and Sociology from the University of Minnesota specializing in acrylic painting, mixed media collage, and drawing. I am a figurative artist interested in exploring themes that pertain to body representation, gender, and persona. 

Studying sociology has directly influenced my art by providing me with the knowledge base and curiosity to develop allegorical images and themes concerning the concept of "the body" and the ways bodies are used to create meaning, express emotion, and influence cultural norms and ideology. The majority of my sociology degree was concentrated on gender studies which has become an ongoing topic of passion and interest of mine as well as a central theme that inspires most of my work. In addition to this, I am particularly interested in the ways behavior is impacted by changes in physical and social environments. More specifically technology and the influence it has on identity and socialization.

Most of my work on this site is for sale; Originals and Prints. If you want something specific related to my collections, or similar to a painting that is not available, I am open to discussing ideas for commissioned work. For more information about my work ( dimensions, prices, availability, etc.) email me at